The Great Swamp Witches
The Great Swamp Witches are a pair of unnamed characters that appear in the cartoon show episode "The Lost City Of Yore".

In the story, the two witches were looking for a scroll that would lead them to the lost city, where the scepter is located, when Nosey, Brainy and Clumsy were captured by them. Soon they found the scroll and took the captured Smurfs with them, along with Papa Smurf and several others, to follow the instructions on the scroll that would lead them to the lost city. Gargamel, overhearing the witches talking about the scepter, wished to claim it for himself and followed the witches to the border of the lost city, then took their broom and the captured Smurfs with him as he flew over the wall of fire surrounding the city. The witches would create another broom and use it to fly over the wall of fire themselves.

With Gargamel distracted in his search for the scepter and not finding it, and Azrael distracted in not finding the Smurfs, the Smurfs themselves found the room that the scepter is in and discovered through Yore's notes how dangerous the scepter really is. Nosey tried to take a peek inside the box that contained the scepter, but Papa Smurf pushed him away from the box, only to be hit by the box's power which knocked him unconscious. Soon Gargamel and the two witches came into the room to have a tug-of-war with the box over possession of the scepter when it flew out of the box and caused Gargamel and the witches to be tangled in each other. The Smurfs then used the witches' broom to push the scepter into the fiery moat surrounding the castle the destroy it once and for all, awakening Papa Smurf. However, the destruction of the scepter also caused the castle to collapse, which the Smurfs, Gargamel, and the two witches barely escaped. By the story's end, the two witches tormented Gargamel by chasing him around the swamp.