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The Great Goblin, also known as The Goblin King, is a goblin leader who lived in the Misty Mountains in Middle-earth during the Third Age. He appears one of the main three antagonists of Peter Jackson's part 1 movie of the live action film trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey being the teritary antagonist.

In the film, he was portrayed by Barry Humphries.

The Hobbit

In the original novel, the Goblin King's followers captured Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo and company during the Quest of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, and took them to their underground stronghold, Goblin-town. When he found the group was carrying an Elf-made blade which had killed many Goblins, he gave orders for them to be imprisoned and tortured. He tried to attack Thorin, but was slain by Gandalf. His death incites the Goblins to go after the company.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

In the film, he attempted to collect the reward Azog the Defiler put on Thorin's head when he, the other dwarves, and the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins stumbled into Goblin Town through a trap door. Bilbo managed to slip away, but during a sword fight with one of the Goblins, he and the Goblin both fell down into the Goblin tunnels, where the demented creature, Gollum, resided. Bilbo eventually managed to escape, but not while finding and taking the One Ring.

Meanwhile, the Dwarves were brought before the Goblin King and Thorin stepped up and revealed himself and the Goblin King revealed his intention to sell him out to Azog the Defiler for the "pretty price for his unattached head". He sent his messenger to inform Azog that he had found his prize.

Later, while sadistically singing about brutally torturing and killing the Dwarves, the goblin lieutenant Grinnah searching Thorin discovered the sword that was recognised as the "Goblin cleaver". Enraged, the Goblin King ordered the execution of the Dwarves, but before they could kill them, Gandalf the Grey reappeared and scatterd the goblins into disarray. He encouraged the Dwarves to fight and escape. Thorin's company proceeds to fight their way through Goblin Town, only to be confronted by the Goblin King as he bursts up from the bridge allowing their escape. He jeers at Gandalf, saying "you thought you could escape me" and asking him "what will you do now wizard?" Gandalf swiftly retaliates by ramming his staff into the Goblin King's right eye and slashing his stomach with his sword.

The Goblin King, now at the mercy of Gandalf, utters "that'll do it" before the latter slices his neck, killing him.


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