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Want to see something re-e-e-eally bad? (Jon: No...) Too bad bitch.
~ The Great Bootleg
Dying dying dying death death help help barf barf barf barf barf barf no one can stop the pain please can you stop the pain
~ The Great Bootleg barfing up Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys.

The Great Bootleg is an antagonist from the video "Disney Bootlegs - JonTron" by the popular comedic game and movie reviewer Jon Jafari, also known as JonTron. She is a sentient boot (a twist on the term "bootleg", meaning illegally produced and distributed) that arrives during the episode to horrify and disgust Jon.

Due to her name, it can be assumed that she is the source and perhaps cause of all bootlegged games and products.

Role in the episode

After reviewing a bootleg game based around Disney's Mulan, The Great Bootleg arrives to deliver the next game, Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys, to him, despite him not wanting it. She tells him "too bad", bends over, and begins violently puking up the disk. She screams in agony as she does so, leaving the disk, covered in muck and mucus, on the floor. Jon reluctantly picks it up and magically gets the box for the disk. Despite being thrown up, the disk plays fine.


Though her appearance was brief, her rude demeanor and delight in disgusting and scaring Jon suggests that she is sadistic and gross, being a disturbing figure that bullies people for fun. However, she is in clear pain as she throws up the disk, and at one point she asks "please can you stop the pain". It is unclear if she was talking directly to Jon, but she may just need help and may be a tortured soul.


The Great Bootleg has a very disturbing appearance. She appears as a brown leather work boot with a black sole. She has two brown mounds on the sole, which hold two large googly eyes with eyelashes and eyebrows. There are two strips of brown fabric on the toe, resembling lips. Inside the mouth is a set of disturbingly realistic teeth and gums.





  • She is one of the four bootleg characters to appear in the episode, the others being Bootleg Mufasa, Bootleg Zazu, and Bootleg Jacques.
  • She is similar to a villain from fellow video game reviewer SomecallmeJohnny's videos, Tails Doll, except Tails Doll appeared in more than one video and being more aggressive. Tails Doll eventually disappeared forever.
  • She is considered the most disturbing character in JonTron.
    • She has grown a following as one of the most disturbing memes and Internet characters, which includes the likes of Slenderman and Shrek from Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life.