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Showdown grand highblood by doodle master-d47gilk

The Grand Highblood is an antagonist in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. He is the ancestor of Gamzee Makara and the leader of a subjuggulator cult. His real name is Kurloz Makara, and he follows a cult praising Lord English, which is to ensure Caliborn becomes him. After a "scratch" he becomes the terrible ruler known as The Grand Highblood.


The Grand Highblood is a brutish figure who loved to paint his walls in the blood of his victims, most notably a rainbow of blood castes (excluding The Signless and his own). He is a ruthless and sadistic troll and Gamzee gets most of his traits from The Grand Highblood.


The Grand Highblood is an enormous troll with huge messy hair. He is obbsesed with clowns and paints his face to look like one (although his face looks like a skull). The Grand Highbloods horns are long and in a curvy shape.

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