1984 is the most popular example of an antagonist government

In fiction, The Government of a country, region, nation, continent, or the world (New World Order) has been the center and main antagonist force in many stories. Typically when the government is the enemy in fiction like movies of video games, the state  is very oppressive, authoritarian, and uses lies and propaganda to achieve their goals. The State ends up setting either a False Utopia (ex. The Giver), to hide a dark past or is established in a Dystopia (ex. Hunger Games) where the horrific living conditions are used by the Government to maintain its power and control.

Use in Fiction

Whenever the government plays a role in fiction and is set up as an antagonist, it's usually an autocratic dictatorship. Governments in fiction typically use propaganda, famine, the police and military, and even terrorism in order to quell resistance and maintain absoulte power.

The Government can also be used as a symbol in fiction. The Government in any story can be used as a symbol to send a direct message about what the government should and shouldn't do and also how governments act in real life whether it be in a democratic nation or country under a dictatorship.

The Government can also be used as nothing more but a pawn in some stories. In many stories, governments are often set up as puppet states where they are actually under the control of either an individual or an organization who holds greater power and uses the state to enforce their rule from behind the scenes. Often these regimes are used to keep the person or faction in power and its members are easily desposable.



  • 1984INGSOC is the main ruling political party and opposing faction in the story. It has killed an unknown number of activists over the years since it took power in Oceania and hunts down members in their own ranks. The Party goes to the extream by using mass surveillence, propganda films such as Two Minutes of Hate, live executions, and forced wars against the neighbouring state of Eurasia.
  • Hunger Games: The government of Panem led by President Coriolanus Snow has used its power to force the districts into poverty and uses The Hunger Games send a message to not revolt again.
  • Divergent: Chicago is under an authoritarian rule that tries to kill every single Divergent, people that have the abilities of multiple factions. The Government also uses the different factions to rebuild society.
  • The Giver: The community has erased nearly every aspect of the past and has created a community under "sameness". To make sure no one knows of the dark past, they have intercoms set up in nearly every house and privacy has been pratically outlawed.
  • Insignia: Children are monitored and drafted into the military if they are experts at computers and technology to pilot drones to fight in World War III.
  • Alex Rider series: MI6 is one of the main antagonists in the entire trilogy.


  • Enemy of the State: A corrupt politician blames a lawyer and sends the NSA after him following the discovery of hard solid, evidence for a politically motivated crime and frames him for weapons development.
  • Last King of ScottlandIdi Amin was the ruler of Uganda and destroyed the Ugandan economy and killed over 300,000 of the Ugandan people. Idi Amin had ruled Uganda in real life.
  • 9: Back before the events of the movie, The Chancellor's Party had effectivly ruled an entire nation with an iron fist and kept Chancellor Fredinand in power. It grew the size and strength of the mysterious nation's armed forces and sent the country's military to invade and conquere their neighbors while they were still weak. Eventually however, the Machines revolted and both the Chancellor and his party were terminated during the rebellion.
  • Star Wars Franchise: The Galactic Empire had effectvily ruled the galaxy with an iron fist and forced its people into submission with fear and brute military strength. Stormtroopers are deployed to various different planets and are sent in to deal with various different issues from public disturbance to full-blown rebellion.

Video Games

  • Deus Ex Series: In the Deus Ex game series, pratically all governments are under the direct control of the Illuminati and later on Majestic-12 and often oppresses the people of the world. Both send in agents and operatives to deal with resistance and often conspiracies exist that the government could possibly be responsible for the attacks.
  • Wolfenstien: New Order: The Third Reich has taken over the whole world and rules Europe with an iron fist.
  • Killzone Franchise: the government of the Helghan Empire is authoritarian and uses the Helghast Military to kill/arrest all who oppose Scolar Visari and his reign as Autarch. In Killzone, the Helghast government starts the Second Extrasolar War leading to the deaths of millions of people and even nukes their own capitol Pyrrhus. In Killzone: Shadow Fall: the government of New Helghan has vasts amounts of wealth from industrialization but refuses to hand the wealth over the people leaving them starving and in poverty.
  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Series: Russia gets taken over by the Ultranationalists in a bloody civil war and after Vladimir Makarov launches a massacre in Russia and makes Russia declare war on America and both nations are plunged into World War lll and Russia conqueres half of Europe. 


  • Psycho-Pass: The entire nation of Japan is under the direct control of the Sibyl System and it rules all of Japanese Society. The Sibyl System controls and manages Japan by monitoring the mental state of each and every citizen in the country and often assigns them the job that will suite their mental condition. Those who are unstable are either taken into custody or are executed on the spot even if they are victims. Sibyl officially renders all courts and the law powerless as they have allt he power in Japan and Sibyl System members are actually Japanese Government Officials.
  • Guilty Crown: The Japanese Government is weakened and allows the GHQ to rule Japan. The GHQ rules Japan with an iron fist and uses its advanced technology to kill innocent civilians and force their authoritarian regime on the innocent people of Japan in the name of erradicating the Apocalypse Virus.
  • Akame Ga Kill!: The Empire is a kingdom ruled under the control of the corrupt and tryannical Prime Minister known as Honest who rules the Kingdom with an iron fist. The Empire subjugates its people and routinly tortures and kills them on a daily basis and has people who have been executed have their crucified bodies put out in public to scare the population into submission.
  • A Certain Magical Index: The Academy City Board of Directors often rule Academy City with an iron grip as the Board's Chairman Aleister Crowley uses the city's vast technological resources to go forward with his plan. He also uses the Hound Dog organization to kill witnesses and steal the resources needed to complete his plan and allows the Hound Dog Forces to kill and murder as many witnesses as they want without the government doing a thing. On the Magic Side, the Roman Orthodox Church rules it with an iron fist and is under the control of the fanatical Fiamma of the Right. The Roman Orthodox Church also engages in wars against the English Puritan Church and Academy City in an attempt to conquere both the Science and Magic sides.


The government can be a good enemy in fiction due to the fact that throughout history there have been and still are governments that use violence and brutality to keep their rule over the nation. The most infamous of them all is Nazi Germany as the Nazi Regime was recorded as one of the most violent regimes in human history. Other infamous totalitarian states includes Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union and how he used famin to destroy the nation of Ukraine and Mao's China with famine.

Known Governments