The Gorilla is the antagonist of the "Puzzle Books" part of the computer game "Lenny's Music Toons". He plans on capturing the cat and locking him in a man hole. He can do it to any number of cats. When the cat runs up the tree on the left after the player selects "(Re)start Puzzle", he throws a tantrum, turning the background into a puzzle, and then the hero, Lenny Penguin, arrives on a fire engine. The more a player makes a mistake by putting a puzzle piece in the wrong place, the closer the gorilla is to capturing the cat by climbing the tree on the left. If he gets close enough, he puts the cat into the manhole and locks it in a cage. Clicking on the manhole shows how many cats the gorilla captures.

The gorilla is also seen on the "Puzzle Book" menu when a player clicks on a painting. There, the gorilla is shown taking a bath, but then closes the "shade" when he sees it open.