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Golden Arm Kid

The Kid preparing to fight

The Golden Arm Kid was one of the main antagonists of the 1979 martial arts movie "The Kid with the Golden Arm". He was portrayed by Meng Lo.


Before the action of the film, the Golden Arm Kid was a famous bandit and killer, his skill and infamy matched only by that of the Iron Foot Kid
Kid with the Golden Arm 金臂童

Kid with the Golden Arm 金臂童

He eventually advanced from acting as an individual thief and started the Deadly Valley Clan with his lietnenants SIlver Spear, Iron Armor, and Brass Helmet. This clan was notable because leadership was based off of Martial Prowess rather than age or political standing. 

The Clan committed many infamous crimes, and became one of the most feared groups in the martial arts world. An opportunity for a great crime was presented when Imperial agent Yang Hu Yun and several other heroes were preparing to transport 200,000 taels of gold across their valley. The Golden Arm Kid sent his gang against Jin Bei's Heroes, to various levels of effectiveness. He eventually presented himself to the entire guard, and,managing to show superiority to all of them (while killing some),left to formulate a better plan.

Battles between the guard and the deadly valley raged, eventually leaving all but the Golden Arm Kid and 3 guards remaining. Eventually, Swordsmen Li-Chin-Ming challenged him to a duel, where the Golden Arm Kid easily defeated and killed him, much to the anger of Ming's fiance, Miss Ling. After this, The Golden Arm Kid caught up with the Taels, but Agent Hai Tuo appeared and fought him fairly eventually blinding him with liquor.

After this The Iron Foot Kid broke out of the cart and killed Jin Bie, then slashed Hai Tuo with a sword and blinded him.

The Golden Arm Kid was able to defeat Iron Feet and seeing how futile his actions were stated that he would retire from crime.

just then Miss Leng found him and stabbed him to death. 


The Golden Arm Kid was a legendary martial artist, capable of blocking and destroying swords with his bare hands. He believed that, since weapons could be broken or lost, they were infinitely inferior to one's own body. Even while blinded, he was able to challenge and defeat a legendary martial artist.