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Yalung is watching.
~ The Goat
The Goat also know as The Kyrat Killer (KK for short) and alternatively The Yalung Killer or The Goat Man is an antagonist in Far Cry 4. He is a deranged serial killer who worships the death god, Yalung.


The Goat does not appear in the main campaign, he leaves behind messages and Masks of Yalung near his victims and has a distinct M.O., he only chooses those who need to be sacrificed for the Satan-like god know as Yalung. When a certain number of Masks of Yalung are collected or destroyed, he starts to leave messages only for Ajay Ghale to read, stating that Ajay is alive only because he hasn't been choosed yet. More masks later, he threatens Ajay and a another person removing his masks aswell. After removing all of his 55 Masks of Yalung, he is never seen again.


  • The Goat is very similiar to The Infinity Killer from Grand Theft Auto V.

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