"The Girl"

The Girl is the nameless main villainess and penultimate boss of Castle of Shikigami.

She is the mastermind behind all murders which take place before the game, meant for the completion of a magical ritual. She was a former girlfriend of Gennojo Hyuga in life, but now is merely a vessel for an evil deity, which plans to enter our world. She controls the demon parasites that possessed the other bosses, which were only pawns to buy her time so she could summon the Castle of Shikigami, which would serve as the portal for the demon's entrance.

The Girl is fought in two phases. On her first form, she uses various energy spheres that rotate around her and launch various attacks. Once the spheres are destroyed, she will summon crystals that fire lasers from behind her. In her second form, she morphs into a gigantic spider monster, with various mouths around the body which must be destroyed. In this form she attacks with the regular spread shots, homing lasers, large blue flames and by sending small spider enemies. Once she is defeated, Shinen finally manifests for the final battle.