The Giant Squid is a huge cephalopod. So far it has only appeared in Doggone It, where it was (possibly) either Cuddles', Toothy's, Handy's, Petunia's, or Sniffles' pet. It became too much for them to control and it attacked them. Cuddles managed to escape, covered in purple bruises from the squid's suction cups, to tell Lumpy, an animal catcher. Lumpy manages to capture it with a mouse trap and he puts it on the top of his truck. At the end of the episode, but then, it escapes and causes Lifty and Shifty's van to crash by squirting ink at it.

It killed Petunia and Sniffles but it is debatable whether or not it killed Toothy or Handy, as they are not slammed to the floor like Petunia was or seen in the tentacles when Lumpy drags it outside. It is possible that they escaped or the squid ate them.