The Ghost world Council are the main antagonists of The Haunted Hathaways season 2.

They are watching Ray and his sons illegally, they saw them friendly talk to The Hathaways at their deceit eyes, so they got angry and tell the cops to bring Ray and his sons to them. They force The Prestons to haunt The Hathaways out, or they go expelled them from their house and remplace them by proper ghosts, that mean ghosts who hate humans and are not friendly with them and go to haunt them out. The Prestons tries to make a statement , but they have to obey, when, they see they are refused to obey, they decided to stripped them of their ghosts power and portal to the human world. So, The Prestons cannot see the girls ever again, but when Taylor Frankie and Michelle arrive to ghost world, they are all bring to the council, Michelle tell the great judge he's not scared her, but he push a evil roar. Frankie finally tell the council they cannot punish The Prestons, because without them they are nothing and make them see they sacrifice everyting for help them, so the two other council members change their mind and the great judge decide to give their house and powers back.