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The Gentleman always keeps his word. You, sir, must be crazy.
~ The Gentleman
The gentleman

The Gentleman is a one-shot antagonist of the animated TV series Samurai Jack. He is a bounty hunter who was payed by Aku to assinate Jack. He is also apart of a group of other bounty hunters, paid for the same goal. He is described to have murdered many people in the past, and who eventually takes the challenge of killing Jack. Despite his violent career, he is in fact a very calm and eloquent individual who speaks with verbosity (that is, he uses long and complex words and phrases in his everyday speech with a voice tone resembling that of Huckleberry Hound), which is shown to confuse those around him of less intelligence.


The Guardian was a man who, despite being a bounty hunter who was ready to kill as a deal, was fairly respectful and level-headed. He speaks to his partners with politeness, and is self-described to always keep his word. 

The bounty hunter that The Gentleman appears to get along with the most is Princess Mira. He even calls her "dear", and is quite impressed of her skills in general.