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The Gentleman is a recurring antagonist in the Alex Rider books, he appears working under different villains. He is, like Yassen Gregorovich, a hired assassin.


Point Blanc

The Gentleman first appears in this book. He is hired by Dr. Hugo Grief and his team to kill billionaire Roscoe, because Roscoe suspected his son wasn't his real son. Fearing for his plans being exposed, Grief ordered the Gentleman to kill Roscoe. The Gentleman had to kill the engineer for Roscoe Towers, named Sam Green, take his identity, make sure the body was never found, and learn the layout of the towers. For this, the Gentleman had demanded, and been paid, twenty billion dollars. The Gentleman was a good technician; he was able to remove the whole floor of Roscoe's private elevator. He broke into the elevator shaft and did some work in removing the floor, in under an hour. The Gentleman also projected a hologram image of the fake elevator, so Roscoe didn't look twice. When Roscoe stepped into the fake elevator, he fell to his death.

The Gentleman then flew to Europe, having been given his reward, and with the money he bought six black tulips, sending them to Roscoe's wife, not leaving his name.

Crocodile Tears

When Reverend Desmond McCain had an argument and a fight in the boxing match with Buddy Sangster, who broke McCain's jaw, almost permanently, McCain went to a clinic in Las Vegas, but he knew it was corrupt, and he hired the Gentleman to kill both Sangster - the Gentleman knocked Sangster into a coming train - and the man who fixed McCain's jaw. Pleased with this, McCain paid the Gentleman his reward and the man is still out there, never having even directly met Alex, and thus been successful.


The evil Gentleman is a very polite, cultivated character, not above action or dangerous situations. The Gentleman's real appearence is never disclosed. He is able to disguise himself without thinking. He will do anything for money, and killing is second nature to the man.


  • The Gentleman has never met Alex Rider.
  • The Gentleman has worked for 2 villains in the series.
  • The Gentleman is one of the only villains alive in the end of the series.
  • Despite being caught on film, he has never been arrested.

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