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The Gardner is the main antagonist in the German song "Der Mörder ist immer der Gärtner" by Reinhard Mey. He's a serial killer who kills his victims on different ways. On the end, the murderer turns out to be the butler. In Mey's new version of the song, it was the plumber who killed the people.

Victims in the 1st song

  • Sir Henry (sequence of event unknown)
  • Auxiliary lighthouse attendandt (sequence of event unknown)
  • Inspektor Dupont (shot from behind)
  • Inheritor zu Minster (shot)
  • gardner (strangled, killed by the butler)

Victims in the 2nd song

  • Sir Henry (sequence of events is unknown)
  • rich aunt (poisoned)
  • anonymous blackmailer (stabbed)
  • holticulture director Plattfish (bored to death because of the gardner's progress report)
  • murderer with laser (slain with a garden hose)
  • head of state Okkula-Makko (poisoned, instead of burned "because gas becomes cheap in the underworld, too")
  • gardner (this time killed by the plumber)


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