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~ The Four's final words

The Four Who Speak As One are literally four witches who finish each others' sentences. They were the former members of the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart who imprisoned Katrina Crane in Purgatory. They also revealed that Katrina and Ichabod both tempted fate when: Katrina cast a spell on Ichabod to make him sleep until the 21st century, and Ichabod who went to Purgatory to ask Katrina about their deceased son, Jeremy Crane. After banishing Katrina to Purgatory, the Four hid amongst The Dobbs Ferry Carnival for centuries waiting for Ichabod to show up whose appearance would be shortly followed by their deaths.

The Four were eventually killed by the Golem, which was given life when a drop of Jeremy's blood dropped on the Golem as a doll. The Four told Ichabod the weakness is the blood of Jeremy which gave it life before they died, and Henry Parrish reminds Ichabod's blood and Jeremy's blood are the same, which leads him to kill the Golem and says goodbye to the tragic monster.

Physical Appearance

The Four Who Speak As One also are shown with pointed and yellowed teeth and a crackling voice.

Skills and Spells

  • Clairvoyance- The ability to look into the past, present, and future of many, if not all, living beings.  
  • Read Palms- Able to look at a being's history by looking at their palms.
  • Purgatory Spell- Sends all types of magical and non-magical creatures into Purgatory, the World between Worlds.
  • Hexes- Able to cast curses on others. (ex. Jeremy was hexed to stop his heart and was buried)


  • In the first season's sixth episode, they were seen by Abbie as illusions in Frederick Manor.
  • August Corbin has a file named Four who Speaks as One in Corbin Files, which is about the Four.
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