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The Four Dread Fiends are a quartet of powerful demons at The Archfiend's service and an important villainous group in Dragon Quest VI. Each one has different powers and sealed a specific location in the Dream World that gave people hope. They are:

  • Murdaw The oniric fiend that is capable of trapping people in the Dream World as monsters while their real counterparts cannot wake up. He also sealed Alltrades Abbey so people wouldn't be able to change vocations to fulfill their dreams, help other people and fight back his master's evil influences. His influence was such that he was assumed to be the game's main threat.
  • Jamirus The winged fiend that devised the whole Isle o' Smiles scheme and sacrificed souls in the Dream World in honor of the Archfiend. He also sealed King Medford's palace so that he wouldn't give his treasures to anyone. 
  • Gracos The aquatic fiend that destroyed Sorceria and sealed its Dream World counterpart so their inhabitants couldn't use their spells against the Archfiend, including Magic Burst, the most powerful of them all. He resides in the Sunken Shrine, an underwater palace.
  • Dhuran The humanoid fiend that brainwashed Terry and sealed the Zenithian Palace so that Lord Zenith couldn't watch over the Dream and Real Worlds. The most powerful Fiend, he usurped at the throne of Cloudsgate Citadel, now called Stormsgate Citadel.

Note that while these monsters originated in DQVI, they have appeared in other games of the franchise.