The Formless

The Formless

The Formless, also known as the Formless Minions, Skeleton-Men and Bone Drones, are the black-and-white shape-shifting skeletal creatures that are created from some kind of black ooze and act as the foot soliders of the Skeleton King's army.

The Formless Minions are known to ride on motorcycles during their attacks on Shuggazoom, transform their hands into various weapons, and amass themselves into a gigantic monster to attack The Super Robot.

There exists another, yet, stronger type of Formless that battle the Super Robot Monkey Team called the HyperFormless.

The Formless were born of the black ooze that is of the very corrupt magic of the Dark Ones whose essence also give birth to the Skeleton King.




  • The Formless strongly resemble the foot soldiers from the Super Sentai and Power Rangers television series, particularly the Oozemen from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.