~ The Doctor, on the words that would finally dismiss the Foretold

The Foretold was the main antagonist of the 2014 Doctor Who episode "Mummy on the Orient Express".

He was portrayed by Jamie Hill.


The Foretold was the mummy of a soldier, who was injured on a long-ended war. He was connected to a device that served to him as a teleporter and as a disguise, and was, according to the Doctor, "malfunctioning". Thinking he was still in the war, his main goal was simply to kill people, which he could do by his touch. Thanks to the device, he could only be seen by those who were about to die by his hands. After seeing the mummy, his victims had exact 66 seconds to live, and even if they ran away, the Foretold would eventually get closer thanks to his device's teleporting skills.

On the future, the Foretold's story was considered a myth, until he showed up at a spaceship that simulated the Orient Express train from the early 20th century. Initially picking the weakest passengers from a physical and psychological point of view, many people died by his hands until he was stopped by the Doctor, who, after concluding that he was a soldier, shouted "WE SURRENDER", seconds before getting touched by the mummy. Being finally dismissed, the Foretold saluted the Doctor, and his body disintegrated into dust.