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The Forbidden Power is an antagonistic entity appearing in Kirbopher's flash animated webseries TTA and its remake, TOME:Terrain of Magical Expertise. It is a virus created by DarkEyesOfAnubis in the original series meant to protect the game that ended up becoming an instrument of destruction and is at least a virus of similar origin in Terrain Of Magical Expertise, however, many mysteries still shroud it in the reboot. In both versions, the Forbidden Power was locked away in a secret area discovered by Alpha, who used it until it began to corrupt him and turn him into a demonic version of himself known as Demon Alpha.




  • In TTA, the "Forbidden Power" is actually a monster known as Kagemamoru, and the true forbidden power is a dragon known as the D-Bug that is activated when Kirbopher15 slices the numerical sequence "1111" with his sword. This is a nod to how "1111" is 15 in binary.

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