The Footpath Killer is a tragic serial killer and the tertiary antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode, Extreme Aggressor and the secondary antagonist of Compulsion.

He was portrayed by Lukas Haas.


Early life

Not much is know about The Footpath Killer or his motives, but it is very likely that he began serial killing due to his stutter (it is also possible that he was bullying victim). In his adult life he owned a gas station, the place where he commited his crimes. He would knock his clients down before shooting them in the head and taking pictures of their bodies.

Meeting Jason Gideon and Arrest

After the Seattle Strangler was killed by the BAU Unit and his partner Richard Slessman was arrested, Gideon coinscidentially stops at Footpath Killer's gas station. After having a conversation with him and realizing who he actually is, Gideon was taken to his basement and was forced to hold a camera for him, possibly for taking another dead body picture. Gideon begins to make fun of him, which angers and also distracts him. He is then knocked down and arrested.


Body Count: 13

  • 13 Unnamed Victims