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The Flood was a viral species which originated inside a glacier on the planet Mars. The Flood needed a physical form to take on, so they infected a number of crew members from Bowie Base One, starting with Andrew Stone. It went on further, with the part of The Flood in Andy infecting Margaret Cain and Tarak Ital. After infecting Ed Gold, Steffi Ehrlich, and Roman Groom, Maggie went to break the glacier, but failed due to Adelaide Brooke initiating Action Five.


They had broken skin around them mouth with black teeth, and they had pale coloured eyes.


The Flood were seal inside the ice field on the planet Mars, possibly by the Ice Warriors (which are martians who are inhabitants of the planet Mars) in 2058 and 2059.

The Flood first infected Andrew Stone were he use the water to water the carrots he grow, When Andrew was infected by the flood, Andrew then infected Margaret Cain.

Later Tarak Ital went to find Andrew and he found Andrew, Andrew then infected Tarak. The Doctor and Adelaide Brooke managed to escape them after the Doctor modified GADGET to move faster.

At the glacier which served as the base's water supply, the Doctor and Adelaide found out that the Flood got into the water systems due to a broken water filter.


They had the power to control water by transform other life forms into other Floods, by projecting water from them hands and mouth. 

they could also scream like a banshee to crack Ice 


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