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The Flirtual Killer/Jake Bolin is an Australian serial killer and the main antagonist/villain of the the TV series Eye Candy. He is portrayed by Ryan Cooper.


Nothing is much said about Jake, other than he is a very sweet guy and a lawyer. He killed his mom after his dad was killed. Jake also killed Tommy's best friend/partner and Lindy's ex boyfriend Ben Miller. 


Lindy founds out shes going back to her old hometown but she doesn't want to. With the help of her friend, George. She is able to expose Jake as the flirtual killer. Jake asks her what did she do? She simply tells him he has no where to run or hide. Jake pulls out a gun and attempts to kill everyone in the airport, however his gun is out of bullets due to Lindy pulling the bullets out of the clip. Jake is in disappointment and attempts to run away, however he is tackled by Tommy. Tommy kicks the gun of Jake's hand. Jake tries to fight Tommy but Tommy knees him in the chest and punches him in the face, knocking him to his knees. Jake looks at Tommy and begins laughing before Tommy lands a crushing knee to the face that knocks Jake out. He is apprehended and arrested by the cops. 

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