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Is this what it is to have a soul? Drawn like insects to the light of power? Only to be added to my own.
~ The Firstborn

The Firstborn is an ancient divine being of great power born at the very beginning of the universe and the the main antagonist of the 2007 first person shooter psychological horror videogame Clive Barker's Jericho.

This genderless child-like creature who was neither light nor dark but was both terrible and beautiful to behold, was created by God within His own image before the creation of the first 2 human beings Adam and Eve, but He realized that this sentient creation was too powerful and disturbing, but could never destroy it, only banish it to a patch of reality called the Pyxis Prima (often now dubbed "The Box" by the Department of Occult Warfare), the deep chasm located below what it is now the ruins of the lost Middle Eastern city of Al-Khali (also known as "Rub Al-Khali"). God then started anew and went on to create mankind, giving the species two sexes, feelings, and love while the Firsborn was angry during it's confinement in this bedrock of strife for millennia as it watched and waited for it's return.

However, It has tried 6 times to break into our universe via creating time-space distorting portals called "Breaches", and each time the secret U.S. government organization known as Department of Occult Warfare sends a group of mystics to sacrifice themselves and seal the breach as much as have a lost order of 7 Sumerian priests did in the distant past against the Firstborn before. It is prophecised that the 7th attempt will be it's last.

In the Roman era, a crucified centurion tells the Jericho team that The Firstborn does not want freedom. He states that The Firstborn wants what God gave man, but denied it. That "Freedom is the absence of chains, just as evil is the absence of love". One can guess all The Firstborn wants is to be loved, and not hated or feared, or just worshiped for it's own power.

However, the final Jericho squad of the 21st century managed to highly damage it during the final battle within it's skull-like chasmal tomb before it's former apprentice named Arnold Leach, high-ranking ex-General of D.O.W. turned leader of the apocalyptic terrorist cult known as the Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture who worshipped the Firstborn, angrily lunges at the Firstborn and carries it into a tunnel of pure/light energy where a flash of burning light occurs. It is unclear if they were both destroyed or if they have teleported somewhere.


It's happening again...
~ The Firstborn
This is where it all started
~ The Firstborn about the lost city of Al-Khali.
It is real as your soul.
~ The Firstborn
Help me.
~ The Firstborn
I need you, Devin...
~ The Firstborn, attempting to contact and deceive Captain Devin Ross.
...the only way to end this... is to set me free.
~ The Firsborn
I want the seer. The one you called Jones.
~ The Firsborn, demanding the Jericho Squad's Captain Xavier Jones.
AT LAST! The final pieces of the puzzle...
~ The Firstborn confronting the Jericho Squad at the Pyxis Prima.
Possibly, but anything worth having is worth fighting for. And after I have absorbed your power, I will finally have enough to break free of this prison!
~ The Firsborn, seeking to absorbed the Jericho squad members' mystical powers as part of his plan to escape from the Pyxis Prima for good.
Now... COME TO ME!
~ The Firstborn
Silence bitch!
~ The Firstborn


  • "The Box", the alias of the Firstborn's cavernous prison, the Pyxis Prima, was another name of the Lament Configuration, the demonic puzzle box from the Hellraiser franchise within the works of film director Clive Barker.
    • Also, the Pyxis Prima was often called "The Abyss", a name for the Bottomless Pit of religious Judeo-Christian traditions which is said to be a chasm leading to the Underworld or Hell.
  • The Firstborn is credited as "The Child" in Jericho as shown on the game's English subtitles.
  • The Firstborn appears as a black child with white eyes, but his true form is never revealed. When confronted, the Firstborn uses Jericho's own powers against them, killing both Cole and Jones in the process. After being slashed vigorously to near death by Billie, Leach turns on his old master, and destroys himself and the evil of the Firstborn.
  • The Firstborn is a seemingly-innocent black/greenish gray humanoid child with white eyes, but it's actual form is never revealed or maybe this physical appearance is it's true form.
  • The echoing voice of the Firstborn is a distorted number of different male and female voices both young and old speaking all at once.