The Fin is a one-shot villain from the animated 1994 series, The Tick. He is a super intelligent Dolphin who goes by the psudonym Mr. Smartypants in the Reno venue performance that he is forced to participate in.

Life and crimes

The Fin started out as a humble and nameless, albeit incredibly intelligent dolphin who was adopted by onoxious animal trainers Frederica and Soren. The two entertainers named him Mr. Smartypants and began training him to do all forms of humiliating and dangerous stunts. After years of this stressful environment, he snapped and developed a criminal persona, referring to himself as the Fin from that point on. The Fin began to develop a knack for advanced technological engineering, and secretly ordered followers to "kidnap" him. While the Tick searches for the Fin to rescue him, he gets sidetracked by the many slot machines in Reno, giving him the oppertunity to complete his master invention, the fish magnet. With this, he can summon fish from across the globe with just the push of a button. His henchmen are a bit dissapointed that he is not more ambitious. He also orders that his former owners be captured so that he can force them to suffer the same hardship and humiliation that they forced him to endure. The Tick finally confronts him and challenges him to a breath holding contest which the Tick wins, and manages to take the Fin into custody and destroy his fish magnet shortly after.