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The Fat Heziekiel is a minor antagonist in the German fairy tale "The Cold Heart" by Wilhelm Hauff.

He's one of the three richest, but crulest men in the Schwarzwald (the other ones are The King of the ball-room and the tall Schlurker). Later, it turns out that he made a deal with the Dutch Michel to become rich by replacing his heart with a stone what makes him emotionless and cruel.

Peter Munk, the protagonist of the story, whishes to be as rich as him. When he loses his money against Hezekiel, he realizes the foolness of his whish. Later, after he made a deal with Michel himself, but feels remorses, Peter asks Hezekiel about their after life, what fate their hearts would have. Hezekiel answers that their hearts will be weighed to see their sins and their "hearts" would be heavy.

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