The Fallen angels

The Fallen

The Fallen are light-elemental, feathered-winged female demons and enemies in Devil May Cry 3.

About The Fallen

The Fallen fell from angelic grace for lying and deceiving their victims. Each of these "angels" covers herself with her beautiful wings, which act as an impenetrable shield for the face on her vulnerable skull-like abdomen, and wields a lance of light. These lances they carry can be used by swiping them at their enemies, or stabbing them into the ground, causing it to explode shortly afterwards.

The Fallen are encountered and defeated twice by Dante at the Temen-ni-gru and in the Demon World.


  • The name of these demons referrenced to a fallen angel, an angel that has been cast out of heaven for disobeying or rebelling against God. In Christianity, all demons are considered to be fallen angels, including Lucifer and Alastor. The term originated from the Nephilim, which were born from angels mating with human women.
  • Angels, both fallen and pure, are often depicted as winged humanoids, and usually bearing a weapon such as a sword or a lance.
  • Although The Fallen themselves are female, their voices are notably masculine.

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