The Facebook Stalker

The Facebook Stalker is the unnamed antagonist of the short 2011 Internet horror piece and Facebook app Take This Lollipop. His role is intended to warn Facebook users of the dangers of posting too much personal information on the website.

He is portrayed by Bill Oberst Jr.

Take This Lollipop

Users are introduced to the special by the image of a blue lollipop containing a razor blade within. It stands above a caption of "I DARE YOU", in a manner reminiscent of the warning of not taking candy from strangers. The film is activated when the user logs into their Facebook account, which is utilized by the short film's interactive side.

After a pan down a dark hallway, the film cuts to a thin man attempting to find specific image gleaned from the Facebook page of the user. The Stalker is initially frustrated when he is unable to find anything helpful on the user's page until he comes across information regarding their location. Using Google Maps, the Stalker is then shown driving his car to (allegedly) the user's location. To further cement the ominous nature of the character, a picture of the user's Facebook profile image is taped to his dashboard. The Facebook Stalker steps out of his car and disappears, presumably to cause harm to the user.

When the film is complete, the screen cuts to a red version of the lollipop with the user's screen name etched out, implying that he has likely murdered or victimized someone in some way. A name of a friend is derived from the user's profile as a means of implying the Stalker's next victim. Once the film is complete, the app deletes the user's information.


The Facebook Stalker is shown to be a disturbing and impatient figure of sorts as part of the app's intent to warn those against posting too much information about themselves, albeit in a manner that has been criticized by some sources as scare-mongering. He embodies the paranoia of the Internet user who will utilize any bit of information to cause physical harm, an aspect worsened by countless accounts of cyber-bullying and the classic stories of murderers/rapists/etc. tracking down potential victims. As a result, The Facebook Stalker has become something of an Internet meme in the process.