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The Evil Twin was the main antagonist of the made-for-television horror film Cry Baby Lane. This movie was released by Nickelodeon on October 28, 2000, and was never aired again, the most likely reason is that parents complained to the Nickelodeon executives about the film being too scary to children. However, due to popular demand, the film was aired again on October 31, 2011, on the Nickelodeon sister channel TeenNick.

Cry Baby Lane

Long ago, a pair of twins were born to a farmer and his wife. However, these twins were conjoined at birth and that they each had separate personalities. One conjoined twin was wholely good whereas the other one was completely evil. The farmer, feeling ashamed because of his sons' appearances, locked the boys in their room for many years to come. Eventually, one of the boys got sick, and because the other boy shared the same liver, they both died. The father then separated the boys by cutting them a part with a saw. He then buried the good son in a cemetery, and he buried the evil son in a field, which would later become the titular Cry Baby Lane. However, the farmer had actually mixed up the two boys and he ended up burying the evil boy in the cemetery and the good son in the field. This would prove to be his undoing.

Years later, Andrew, the film's protagonist, holds a seance over the boy's gravesite. This awakens the evil twin's spirit, and the spirit proceeded to possess nearly everyone in the town.

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