But the principal never saw him (Thomas) again. He moved to Sunny Arizona where nobody ever wears a snowsuit.
~ Principal Warden telling the end of the story

The Evil School Staff are a trio group of villains seen in the Bunch of Munsch episode: "Thomas' Snowsuit" where they try to have Thomas to put on his ugly brown snowsuit. They are Ms. Dippel, a workman and a Principal Warden.

About the Evil School Staff

  • Ms. Dippel is Thomas' teacher. She has a yellow dress, blue hair, glasses and a necklace.
  • The workman always works down in the boiler room where he shovels the furnace coal. He has brown hair, a teal shirt and a purple hat and overalls.
  • Prinipal Warden is the oldest character in this episode. He has a blue coat, a red bow-tie with yellow polka-dots, a yellow vest and blue pants. After Thomas was being sent to detention to see him in his office, the principal tried to find a way to put on his snowsuit but the only word he didn't like was "NO!". The next day after Thomas put on his snowsuit, Warden moved to sunny Arizona where nobody ever wears a snowsuit, according to the end of the story he told himself.