The Evil Kabai Sengh was a minor villain in the 1996 film adaptation of The Phantom. He was portrayed by an unknown actor.


Kabai Sengh, better known as the Evil Kabai Sengh, was the founder and original leader of the Sengh Brotherhood. Little is known about him, except that he was a ruthless pirate captain who attacked merchant ships. During an attack on one such ship, he murdered the father of the young boy who would go on to become the original Phantom. Sengh eventually died, although it is unknown how. In 1938, the leader of the Brotherhood was his direct descendent, the identically-named Kabai Sengh.


  • How Sengh died isn't known. Possibly, the first Phantom avenged his father's murder by killing him. It's also possible Sengh simply died of old age.
  • It is unknown if Sengh or one of his descendents was the one who led the Brotherhood in their attempt to acquire the Skulls of Touganda and their destruction of the Tougandan people. If so, it isn't known how Sengh learned of the Skulls.