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The Escobars are a group of villains in the 1980s TV series Miami Vice. The group consists of four drug dealing Latino brothers who serve as one shot villains in Season 1 episode "The Maze".

During one of their bank robberies, The Escobar brothers murder a detective named Dickey Hawkins and after that they hole up in an old hotel nicknamed "The Maze" which is a shelter for homeless people. Hawkins' former partner, detective Tim Duryea discovered their identity which resulted in a brief gunfight. The Escobars then took the homeless people as hostages to ensure their safe escape.

After the brothers had successfully negotiated a helicopter and a ransom, Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs entered The Maze and found the location of the hostages. Xavier and Elio were killed in a gunfight and Jaime was arrested, leaving Raul as the only remaining member of the brothers. Using a homeless person named Gabrielle as a hostage, Raul attempted to escape the building but eventually surrendered and ended up crying.


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