The Englishman is the secondary antagonist in the Half-Life 2 mod Dayhard.


The Englishman acts as the henchman of Wallace Breen and may have some sort of influence of control over his Combine forces going by the fact he is wearing gear similar to them. In the opening menu of Dayhard The Englishman kills George W. Bush during a conference.

Later in the game when the protagonist Morgan Freeman and his friend Jack infiltrates a castle where the Combine are operating, he disguises as metrocops. Morgan and Jack are approached by the oblivious Englishman and seeing no suspicion moves along.

Shortly afterwards Morgan and Jack enter the castle and they see both the Englishman and Breen hanging outside Breen's office, in which the Englishman informs him that it is "tea time".

When Morgan breaks into Wallace Breen's office, he is approached by the Englishman who attempts to kill him. Morgan in returns kills the Englishman, and makes his way to go and kill Breen.


The Englishman is a well built man, who wears Combine gear, a bowler hat and glasses. He has paled skin and a beard. As his name suggests, he appears to be English and speaks with an upper class and well spoken English accent.


  • The Englishman uses a reskinned Barney Calhoun, who in Half-Life 2 is an ally to the protagonist Gordon Freeman.