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The Enforcers are recurring villains from Jackie Chan Adventures. They are a trio of thugs who first worked for the Dark Hand, and later were recruited by Daolon Wong and Tarakudo against their will. They also worked briefly for Drago, who dismissed them shortly after.

They are well known for being incompetent and dumb, rarely fulfilling their duties and serving more as a comic relief. After being enslaved by too many villains and being beaten by Jackie Chan too many times, they give up on their crime career. They are arrested by Sector 13 and forced to do voluntary work. After their penalty is done, they reform and become freelancers.

  • Finn: Apparently the most bright of the trio, he is a 70's saudosist who loves disco music;
  • Chow: He is somehow good with weapons, always carrying one on his jacket. He is always wearing sunglasses;
  • Ratso: He is the most bulky, but he is awful at fighting. He is good with animals and puzzles however.

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