The End is the main antagonist of Lost Dimension.

Before the events of the game. The End and 11 other people grow up in a Reacher lab and was given powers to help protect the life of the newly created world when the old one is about to be destroyed by a meteorite that is the same size or a little bigger then earth. however it was later found out that 6 of the 12 kid's would have to sacrifice their lives in order to stop a other sacrifice from destroying the new world. And Sho had to pick witch of the 6 had to be left behind in order to stop a other meteorite from destroying the new world and The End was one of the ones that was pick to sacrifice his life to save billion's of lives. Then ten years later before the old world is destroyed The End decided to get ravage on Sho because he hated the fact that Sho gets to live in all time lines when he gets pick to die and he also hates the fact that Sho is the chosen one, By the beginning of the game The End destroyed half of the new world killing people in the billion's and leveing others homeless. The End then said in 13 day's that he will launch missiles to destroy the last remaining major city's of the world he also manipulate 6 people into becoming traitors with is random in each play thought. The End also forces Sho to fight machine like monster's. In the normal ending The End die's and the old world is destroyed In the true ending The End is still alive and both the new and the old world are saved by Sho and the game hints that The End has redeem himself.

The End can make copy's of himself that can also fight he can also  time travel a bit but it's  very week he also acttaks with a sword and have some telekinesis like powers as well.