The Employers are a group of mysterious entities and unseen antagonists in the fan Madness Combat series, REALM. They were the servants of an entity known as "The High" until they betrayed it. The Auditor is one of them.

The are based off the Employers from the upcoming game, Madness: Project Nexus 2.



They originally servants to the High until they betrayed it and absorbed its powers. Zalmamder later became aware of their existence via the Nano Improbability Drive and began secretly plotting to betray the Auditor and free the High.

REALM: Fraternization

They briefly appeared at the beginning where they are seen surveying the landscape of Nevada.

REALM 4 Trailer

They are first seen when an Employer resembling the Auditor flies up to join the rest of them. Ra then steps forward and takes notice of how Sokar had turned the color of the sky from red to purple. He summons a black flame with his hand and sends three of them down before the rest head off.

REALM: Illuviation

While overlooking Kelzad and Sokar's fight, Ra is approached by Osiris, who informs him that Sokar has conquered Nevada and urges him to take action before he "returns". However, Ra assures his subordinate that they have thrown him away from their realm before and decides to see if Kelzad can stand a chance against him.

Later, after Kelzad weakens Sokar, Anubis states they should interfere. However, Ra decides to hold off, believing Kelzad can take care of him, instead stating they should take back what is their's.


More to come.



  • They appear to all be named after Egyptian deities.