The Embryon

The Embryon

The Embryon is one of the final bosses of G-Darius. As it's name implies, it is the progenitor of the entire Thiima race. Different from the other Thiima battleships, The Embryon is more organic in nature, being composed of a gelatinous substance, controlled by two bit devices which acts as it's head and core. The Embryon is found inside the Thiima dimension, initially appearing as a octahedron in the background. It is shaped after a Sea Angel.

The Embryon's patterns are mostly erratic, as it attacks mainly with a bullet spread. Other attacks include shooting fast lasers, homing drones, giant bullet shells, small replicas of Eclipse Eye (the first boss in the game) and the Beta Beam used by all Thiima battleships. The core is it's weak spot. Upon it's destruction, the two Silver Hawk pilots are caught in its explosion, disintegrating as the Thiima dimension clashes into itself.

The Embryon would reemerge again many centuries later during the fight between the people of Darius and the Belsar, after the destruction of Dark Helios and the Syvalion. The AI program TI-2, which piloted the Legend Silver Hawk during the battle, interfaces with The Embryon to prevent the Thiima from targeting the people of Darius.