The Eliminators are a group of sentient robots created by The Darkness to help it in its plans. Like the head Eliminator, the Destructinator, they are powered by nuclear energy and are parodies of the Terminators.


These robot minions were sent by the Darkness to hunt down whatever it desires. They sometimes exhibited some signs of humanity, a few even taking more interest in having fun than completing their orders, but was otherwise mindless drones. They choose after Timmy Turner and managed to capture most of his friends and family, but were otherwise easily dispatched on several occasions by Poof or Timmy when he had access to ancient magic.


They are silver/gray colored robots with spiked shoulders and helmets that vaguely resemble the same one worn by Dark Laser. They are also able to create some sort of portal to the inside of the Darkness with their mouths and to disguise themselves as other people or objects, thanks to the fake-i-fiers stolen from the Yugopotamians, but later, they are able to use disguises without the fake-i-fier. Their dialog mostly consists of saying "Eliminate Timmy Turner!".


When the Darkness appeared on the super hero planet of Wonder World, the citizens were frightened by its appearance and attacked it with the planet's main weapon, the "Thunder Rockets", but instead of harming it The Darkness absorbed the rockets and recycled them into the Eliminators who, from then on, would act as The Darkness' guardians and servants.


"The Big Beginning"

The Destructinator were the first Eliminator to come after Timmy after he shouted his own name when his classmates didn't know him. He chased Timmy Turner and Jorgen Von Strangle through Dimmsdale. When they disappeared into Fairy World, he crashed into the mall and took a black leather jacket and sunglasses, (a direct reference to the original Terminator), making him the most distinguishable Eliminator and de facto leader. He seemed more intelligent than his comrades, as well as more vicious. He tried repeatedly throughout Wishology to kill Timmy. He and two other Elminator's in pink shirts chased Timmy across the country to the Middle-Aged Rock Festival. KISS destroyed his two fellow Eliminators but he destroyed their weapons with his own. After Poof took his weapon (Timmy convinced him it was a teething ring), KISS used their fire breath to melt him, only for him to regenerate with an entire army of Eliminators. Just as he and his army cornered Timmy, the fairies (who were bubble gum at the time) arrived and strucked them, sticking them down. When Timmy shot the White Wand into The Darkness, it recalled him and the Eliminators, and then they retreated back into space.

"The Exciting Middle Part"

In Part 2, the Eliminators attacked Mark's planet Yugopotamia to steal their fake-i-fiers to trick Timmy. Then they invaded on Fairy World, capturing Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Jorgen. Fortunately, Timmy and Mark Chang managed to escape back to Timmy's house, where the Eliminators attacked Timmy disguised as his friends and family (after the originals had been captured). However, when his gang formed a giant black hole to suck Timmy in, Timmy and Mark threw a boom box, roller skates, and a giant tub of weenies into the hole, causing it to overload and explode. However, after Timmy and Mark left, the Eliminators rebuilded themselves and discovered they absorbed the items Timmy used against them. They ambushed the Destructinator and the Eliminators once more on the way to the Blue Moon of Vegan, where the Destructinator absorbed Denzel Crocker's "Fairy Freezer" and Dark Laser's Lightstick, using the former to capture Crocker, Vicky, and Dark Laser. Timmy tried to explain that Turbo Thunder was the real chosen one and were nice, somehow causing the Eliminators to shut down. The Eliminators confronted Timmy on the Blue Moon of Vegan, where he sayd that they cannot be stopped. However, before the Destructinator could throw Timmy to the Darkness, his friends, family, and enemies arrived and drove the Eliminators off with their wands. However, the Darkness began to draw all of them into its swirling vortex, so Timmy sacrificed himself to save his friends and family.

"The Final Ending"

In Part 3, the Eliminators play their largest role. While Timmy was trapped in the Darkness, he posed as Trixie Tang to keep Timmy happy so he didn't realize what was really happening. After Timmy escaped, the Destructinator wanted to go destroy him, but the Darkness wanted Timmy trapped inside him again. Tired of the Darkness playing around with Timmy, the Destructinator betrayed the Darkness and attacked it, only to be easily blasted apart by the giant creature. However, he crashed lands on Earth and rebuilded himself, then setted about his revenge on both Timmy and The Darkness. He attacked Timmy and his group in the Timmy Cave. Jorgen attemptted to drive him off with his wand, but Timmy's warning about the Destructinator's ability to assimilate weapons came to late. Using his new magical powers, the Destructinator sent Jorgen flying and banishes Timmy's friends, family, and enemies into the Darkness before setting his sights on Timmy. Timmy and his fairies escaped but he used his new powers to track them down, causing mass destruction to the town as he did so. Cosmo tried to destroy him by turning into a giant, Godzilla-like monster but made the mistake of getting rid of his and Wanda's wands. M.E.R.F. tried to destroy him with a great deal of firepower, despite Timmy's warnings he'd just absorb them. The Destructinator did just that and grew to giant size. It was at this point he dubbed himself the Destructinator, the true main antagonist of the Wishology trilogy. When Timmy and his fairies escaped the Earth, he used his magical power to transformed it into a giant metal planet and all of its inhabitants into robots. He then had the Earth filled a ton of explosives. Using Timmy as bait, he planned to get the Darkness to take Timmy and the Earth into its heart, where he would then detonate the explosives, destroying both Timmy and the Darkness. When a newly superpowered Timmy returned to Earth, he captured him. However, all the fairies in Fairy World combined their powers and returned Earth to its original state. Timmy then got him to chase him through space. He tried to use his new powers against the Destructinator, only for him to absorb them and use them to send Timmy crashing into the Arctic where the Destructinator claimed that he couldn't be stopped and that thanks to Timmy, he had all the power in the universe, which Timmy said wasn't true as he didn't have the bombs he stuffed in the Earth. This caused the Destructinator to absorb them as well. This was his downfall as he played right into Timmy's trap. When the Destructionator asked Timmy if he had any last words, Timmy revealed to the Destructionator he had stolen his detonator during their space chase and activates it, causing the bombs inside the Destructinator to explode, finally destroying him once and for all.

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