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The Elder is a villain in the 2013 splatter horror film The Green Inferno. She is the leader of a cannibal tribe in the Peruan rainforest which captures the survivors of a plane crash

She is portrayed by Antonieta Pari.


After returning from a protest action against the destruction of the rainforest, the plane of a group of activists crashes somewhere in the Peruan jungle. The surviving activists are quickly captured by savages inhabiting the jungle and brought into their village, where the Elder, the wise woman of the village, inspects every one of them.

Her tribe then binds Jonah to a stone in the middle of the village and gouges out both his eyes, eating them afterwards, much to the horror of the other activists, who have been imprisoned in wooden cages. She also cuts out Jonah's tongue and eats it. While one of the villagers severs Jonah's limbs, she watches, eventually killing of Jonah by cutting off his head and then drinking his blood.

The next day, the female activists are brought before the Elder where they are stripped. The elder woman inspects their genitals with her claw-like finger. After she discovers Justine to be a virgin, she blows a powder into her face which knocks her out. While the other women are brought back to the cage, Justine is dragged into a hut.

After Amy has commited suicide because she realised that the food the natives gave her was the flesh of her friend Samantha, Amy's body is cooked. As the activists rammed their marijuana down Amy's corpse, the natives got high and the activists use the oppurtunity to escape, leaving their leader Alejandro behind.

After they are recaptured, the Elder is about to circumcise Justine, but they are interrupted when a villager arrives with the head of one of the workers who are advancing on the forest with their work. The Elder calls the tribe and the men leave, led by the headhunter, to attack the villagers while the Elder leaves with the women to get to safety.

Although she is not seen again in the movie, a big part of her tribe is slaughtered in the fight against the militia protecting the workers. However, after having been saved Justine lies to her father and the UN, telling them she was the only survivor of the crash and that the tribe was friendly, thereby ensuring the future of the tribe.



  • She has the same title as the Elder God from the Legacy of Kain videogame franchise.