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The Eggheads

The Eggheads are a duo of brown colored eggs that have minor appearances in two episodes of and are nerds and bullies of Gumball on "The Amazing World of Gumball", except for one episode, in which they have one major appearance and it was called "The Club" as the main antagonists. They were part of a club known as the Reject Club along with Ocho, and Bobert, in which they were the leaders of the club. Gumball refused to accept their offer for him to join their club, thus, getting the Eggheads and the rest of the members upset, and then, they create a cruel viral video of Gumball, which they plan to download all over the internet for revenge. The Watterson family then decide to stop the Reject Club, but are too late, as the video was finished downloading, but unfortunately for them, Anais rerouted and deleted the video before it could reach it's destination. Then, the Reject Club (including the Eggheads) is then captured and dropped off at the mall, naked

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