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It's the only thing I lived for.
~ The Drunk (John) about his love for alcohol.

The Drunk (real name: John) is a criminal who was responsible for the deaths of Michael's family which earned the distraught father's hatred and vendetta, and a minor villain in the 2011 fantasy horror movie Fading of the Cries.

He was portrayed by Paul McCarthy-Boyington.


John was the same man who was the drunken driver that has killed a woman and her 9-year old daughter in a car crash over a year ago. The two deceased were the wife of a former author named Michael whose world came crashing down as he heard the news of their deaths. Authorities arrested the drunk driver, but he was soon later released on a technicality. Michael swore revenge on the criminal who murdered the two people he ever loved in his whole life.

Over 12 months later, Michael after planning his revenge for this long, found the same drunk driver at a bar in town he moved into and invited him to his house for a drink and to meet his "lady friend". The drunk easily accepted it and went with him. When Michael was serving him a drink, he secretly put broken glass shards into his cup and mixed with the ice.

Michael told the man a story about a criminal who murdered his family and was released on a technicality. Familiar with that story and shocked when Michael says "How did it feel when you killed my family and ruined my life?", John tried to tell him it was an accident but Michael refused to believe him. As he was about to leave, Michael told him he cannot leave. The drunk speaks in a cocky manner, saying "What are ya gonna do? You're gonna stop me?". Michael relied "I already have.".

The drunk man began to feel the sharp pain in his chest and his digestive system begins to fail to because of the drink Michael has given him, slowly killing him as he quckly fell, lay dying and choking on the floor. Michael's "lady friend" he wanted to "introduce" to the drunk, was Malyhne, one of the 2 demons including Sylathus both summoned by Michael to aid in his vendetta agaist the man. Michael says "take him." as Mahlyne savagely attacks and kills John.

The two demons succeeded in helping Michael avenging his loved ones' death, but later quickly turned on Michael at the call of their true master who has returned.



  • The Drunk's real name, John (which could be his first or last name), is revealed in the end credits of the film.