The The Domesten Stink-Blobs were an alleged group of alien cryptids reported to have attacked two men in Domesten, Kristianstad, Sweden on December 20, 1958.

The Encounter

Stig Rydberg and Hans Gustafsson were driving through a thick fog at three in the morning when they stopped to investigate a weird glow and discovered a twelve foot flying saucer surrounded by four blueish "jelly bags" somehow jumping wildly around the object. The men stood in shock until the beings suddenly attacked them, latching on with powerful suction and dragging them towards the craft. The men struggled against their captors, but their arms only sunk into their slimy bodies. Rydberg eventually squirmed free from their grip, ran back to his car and began honking the horn, which caused the blobs to drop his friend and "shoot" back into their saucer, which immediately took off. Both men felt ill for days later, and could vividly recall the horrible stench of the aliens, like "ether and burnt sausage."