A power-hungry man of industrious might, The Doge of Venucci (or simple known as The Doge) is one of the main villains of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. He craved world domination by using any device that he can get his hands on, even going to stealing off-world devices in the crave for the ultimate power.


The Doge's past is shrouded in mystery but he rose to power by introducing industrious ideas to the people of Venucci, turning the nation into a industrial super power with the Doge at the helm.

The Doge only had one goal in mind: global domination whatever means nessecery. Even going to destroying or forcing other nations to surrender to his ideals.

He has own elite guard and his forces are mainly brute force, unlike the more subtle nature of Giacomo's inventions and his men.

Role in Rise of Legends

The Doge actually first appeared in the first mission of the Vinci Campaign. He ambushed and killed Petruzzo Giamba, Giacomo's brother, all to buy time to steal an alien device which was making the local miners ill. He fled to his own city, Venucci and waited for Giacomo, and his friends, to arrive at the city's gates.

Then with the protaganists successfully routed out. He left a huge garrison, alongside his superweapon: The Dogehammer, for them to play with while he, and the rest of his forces, besieged the city of Miana before fleeing to the Alin Deserts.

Giacomo finally meets The Doge after defeating Sawu and freeing him from his evil ways. The Doge fought well but was killed when the inventor finally overloads his walker's laser weapon.

Appearence and Personality

The doge wears a general's uniform. He has a white handlebar moustache that goes round his cheeks. He is also bald.

The Doge leads his nation with a cold fist, showing no mercy to those who have doubts to his position; often throwing them in prisons. He also forces other nations to surrender by stifling their resources, such as forcing the Pirata to surrender by building a massive anti-air fortress to stop any means of trade.

He is also very resourceful; going to extreme lengths to grab even exotic technology for his own way. He also vowed to destroy the Mianian lords in order to force them to submit to his rule as well.

His main mode of locomotion is a four legged walker, armed with a powerful alien laser.