The Doctor is the main unseen antagonist of the TV show Panic Button.

He tried to have the people in his lab to confront their fears, he trap his victims in a moving coffin and make their worse fear appear, he also make question for the other contestants if the answer to the question is wright he won't do nothing, but if the answer to the question is wrong he make one of the contestant pay the price.

The contestant also have the choice to press the panic button if they are too scare, but if they are not scare they can continue to all of the other levels, until they arrive to the final task, when the doctor told them to name their partner biggest fear and send their answer. Like the other question if the answer is wright he open the wall behind them and the contestant celebrate in glory, but if the aswer is wrong the doctor will open the floor and dumb them in a dubster. The doctor has a computer female assistant, who is called The Eye, she's the one who bring the contestants to him, so, he can put them to his evil test to see if they are brave or go to chicken out.