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Doctor (unknown name) - the main antagonist in the Days of Monsters online game.He defeated the 20 big cities,from Casablanca to Tokyo II.But he didn't make this with giant lasers or atomic bombs,but with his monsters.


  • Reptzilla - giant mutated,nuclear powered lizard created by retriving some DNA 'from the sewers.
  • Space bug - also known as THAT!,its egg was found inside a meteorite.
  • Devil chicken - 30 m tall bird.It used to ruled a Puerto Pollo island,terrorizing spanish pirates back in XVII century.
  • The beast - result of mixing a gorilla,a bull,and a lot of hormones.It looks like myth ciclope.
  • Robo-monster - ultimate world-conquering weapon.Giant robot that shoots missiles and laser beams.


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