The Dissenter

The Dissenter

Glory be to Sparta!
~ The Dissenter

The Dissenter is a minor antagonist in the video game God of War: Ghost of Sparta. He is one of the few people alongside a fanatical Spartan cult that worships the fallen God of War, Ares.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

After Kratos killed Erinys, he processed onward towards the Temple of Ares, which was in the center of Sparta. He decided to take a shortcut through the Jails of Sparta. When he reached about half way, Kratos accidentally released the Dissenter. Just before he could reach him, the Dissenter fled from Kratos. When Kratos caught up to the Dissenter, the Dissenter trapped him in a small arena where the Piraeus Lion was. The Dissenter unleashed the beast to kill Kratos. After Kratos successfully killed the Piraeus Lion, the Dissenter attempted to run away from Kratos, but found himself at a dead end. Kratos managed to catch up with the Dissenter and killed the Dissenter by throwing him through several walls and (eventually) stabbing him.


  • He was voiced by Paul Eiding, who also did the voice of Zeus in the original God of War.
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