The Disinheritad Böllemanns appear in the German comedy movie "Didi und die Rache der Enterbten". When the five inheritors of Gustav Böllemann learn that the money would be inherited to another relative called Dieter "Didi" Dödel, they plan to kill him. After all four (the fifth one already died when he suffocated because of an ananas) died because of their own traps, Didi is threatened by the attorney Dr. Prätorius, who finally dies, too. All members of the family were played by Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden.


  • Titus Böllemann (a gastronomer who died because of the ananas)
  • Kongo-Otto (a cruel soldier who died because of his own grenade)
  • Florentine Böllemann (waitress who gets electro-shocked by her mobbed husband Rüdiger)
  • Emilio Böllemann (criminal who fell from a rollercoaster)
  • Albert Böllemann (inventor who dies because one his own rockets flys into his caravan after a trecking device Albert carmouflages as a lighter gets lost under the caravan)