The Disable Lawbreaker
is a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He is the main antagonist in the strip "The Statue of Judgement" in prog 7.


At some point, the Lawbreaker had become crippled and then demanded ransom in exchange for not rampaging in the 'Robot of the Year Show', when the ransom was not paid, he proceeded to go on a rampage in a bulletproof robochair. The Lawbreaker then unleashed myclon gas all over the building. Dredd managed to use explosive round from his lawgiver to make a hole on the roof of the building, clearing the place of gas but not before hundreds of innocent people were killed. Dredd then manages to catch him by finding the Lawbreaker's dropped blanket and then used a bloodhound robot (which can catch a scent at 20 miles) and then Dredd proceeded to shoot the robot on the robochair, causing to got out of control and it falls off the driveways, killing the Lawbreaker.