The Director (The Cabin in the Woods)

The Director

This should have gone differently. Ended quickly. I can only imagine your pain and confusion. But know this. What's happening to you is part of something bigger. Something older than anything known. You've seen horrible things. An army of nightmare creatures. But they are nothing compared to what came before. What lies below. It's our task to placate the Ancient Ones. As it's yours to be offered up to them. Forgive us... and let us get it over with.
~ The Director to Marty Mikalski and Dana Polk.

The Director is the main human/secondary antagonist in the 2012 horror/comedy movie The Cabin in the Woods.

She was portrayed by actress Sigourney Weaver, who also portrayed Warden Walker in Holes, Alexandra Reid in Marvel's The Defenders, Dana Barrett in the Ghostbusters film franchise, and Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise.


She is the most influential and powerful member of the Organization and the director of the Facility that is responsible for the keeping of the Ancient Ones and the conducting of sacrificial rituals to these gods.

At the end of the film, she is heard over the intercom, telling Dana Polk and Marty Mikalski that they were never supposed to get down there.

When they get to the sacrificial chamber filled with the 5 symbols on the wall, she meets them and tells them that the entire thing was a ritual in order to stop the rise of the Ancient Ones and the end of the world. She tries to convince Dana to kill Marty after he refuses to accept his fate as a sacrifice for the sake of every human soul on the planet; however, the werewolf attacks Dana and Marty attacks the Director. In the ensuing struggle, she fails to notice the undead zombie Patience Buckner, who kills her with an axe to the back of the head. Marty pushes the Director's body and Patience into the pit of a strange dark ocean where the Ancient Ones resides.