The Dingo Kid is the one-time adversary in the Around the World with Willy Fog episode "The Showdown." He is a golden-yellow dingo outlaw, and his outfit consists of a black hat, a black shirt, black gloves, a pink vest, a yellow bandana, blue jeans, and a brown belt with a golden buckle.

Accompanied by a disguised Transfer, the Dingo Kid (though his real name is not known) and his gang barge into the hotel in America where Willy Fog and his group are staying, and he challenges Willy to a fight (and he accepts it because of his insult over a lady), but instead of using a gun, the latter uses his cane due to having no intention of hurting anyone. Before the Dingo Kid can shoot him, Willy throws his cane into the muzzle, and the Dingo Kid is defeated at that point. For this, he rolls up his sleeves in an attempt to knock Willy out as revenge, but Rigadon gets in the way and threatens to fight him, but then Inspector Dix steps in to stand up to him; however, the Dingo Kid punches him so hard he could fall, but Rigadon catches him. At this point, the Dingo Kid hurts his hand, and the Sheriff comes in to arrest him for getting into the hotel where he'd been forbidden to reenter before.

It is unknown who voiced the Dingo Kid.