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You have my blessing to exact vengeance on the Freeman family and to spread ignorance and chaos in the black community. They will be no match for you. Hahahaha!
~ The Devil before sending Colonel H. Stinkmeaner back to the world of the living

The Devil, known by many names, is a minor villain in The Boondocks. He is the supreme and demonic master of Hell who only appeared in the episode "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back".

Underneath his usually deep and demonic voice, he is voiced by Terry Crews who is known for his best roles such as Damon Pearly in Friday After Next and Freddy "Fingers" Wilson in Balls of Fury.


The Devil sent Stinkmeaner back to Earth after he was impressed of him completing his deranged and hellish training in order to become stronger and have his revenge on the Freeman family including Granddad Freeman.

But when Stinkmeaner failed because of an exorcism performed by Uncle Ruckus and the Freeman family, he was sent back to Hell where he belongs.

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